Elegant Look Fashion Collage

пробній 2

This wonderful evening dress goes perfectly with simple accessories to compliment it – handbags, jewelry, pumps. High heel shoes help to make the silhouette slimmer and more elegant. Such outfit can be worn to the theater, restaurant, or to a classical music concert.

Nice dress from Joelle’s Clothing Accessories Maternity Kids, Burlington

Necklace from Lip Lounge Boutique, Vancouver

Perfume, lipstick and nail polish from Lux Beaty Boutique, Edmonton

Clutch from Candies & Dolls Clothing Boutique, Winnipeg

Pumps from Balisi Boutique, Toronto


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Canadian Fashion Shows

models on the runway in pantyhose

One may not realize, but every single month there is a major Canadian fashion show happening somewhere.  To help you stay current, and for ourselves too, we made a chronological list of all the important dates here:

Dates for Fashion Shows

Some shows are open to the public, some are for retail, some are for wholesale only.  We try to be present at least at the industry shows just to stay current with the needs of the consumer and the market in general.

Cities that seem to have the most fashion activity in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Quebec City.



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Capri Leggings

Capri Leggings by Fiore - comes in beige, black, and white

Capri Leggings by Fiore – comes in beige, black, and white

Summer is here and we just can’t get enough of it!  Short dresses are so much fun to wear, but what if the wind blows or if you decide to go for a bike ride in that outfit?  It’s best to have something under.

Perhaps it’s a trend that is pretty new since it got started after Madonna wore leggings with a skirt.  It caught on quickly to wear capri leggings with clothes.

Fiore brand offers a nice hybrid of fashion legging with shapewear – opaque leggings with thigh shaping effect.  Wouldn’t that be nice under a long tunic?

capri leggings with a dress

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City Look Fashion Collage


I can wear this dressing for a walk in the city, to the disco, to the party. All accessories are stylish and bright. This outfit can be worn with high heels as well as with ballet flats.

Summer top from Lip Lounge, Vancouver

Wristlet watch from Silver Lotus, Winnipeg

Coral clutch from Silver Lotus, Winnipeg

Pumps from C’Est Cera, Edmonton


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Evening Look Fashion Collage

1 (3)

This simple black dress look is inspired by one of my favorite modern style icons, Victoria Beckham. A woman can wear a black dress for formal or ceremonial occasions, cocktail parties, or even to the theater. In my opinion such black dress is only to be worn with black accessories, with classic shoes and clutches.


Black dress from Blu’s Womens Wear, Edmonton

Stylish clutch from Candie and Dolls Clothing Boutique, Winnipeg

Fabulous earrings from Silver Lotus Boutique, Winnipeg

Fresh cosmetics from Lux Beaty Boutique, Edmonton

Chic pumps from One Of A Few Boutique, Vancouver

White coat from Closet 112 Consignment, Oakville




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Stay Up Stockings Perfect for Summer


Hot weather is here, along with desire to wear less and less.  But still, if you work in an office, it wouldn’t be appropriate to come in with bare legs.

Stay up stockings is a perfect alternative to pantyhose!  They don’t overheat you and also are perfect for a romantic dinner after work.

The stockings shown in this photo are 8 den, they are so sheer that if you wear a skin tone colour, they’ll almost be invisible!  Edith stockings will be suitable for even the hottest weather.

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Busy Bump Maternity in Surrey, BC – an essential for a busy mom to be!

Photo: Stuffed full of goodies and coupons from all our sponsors!

Busy Bump Maternity just recently hosted a wonderful baby shower full of speakers, gifts, and prizes.  A place like that with a great community spirit presents the joy of maternity like never before.


Busy Bump Maternity,

Surrey, BC



You can read more about their event on their blog and about all the great speakers and sponsors that took part in it.  We contributed a pair of fun hosiery and a coupon for shopping at Dolce Amore Lingerie.



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Happy Easter from Fiore in Canada

We wish all of our clients a wonderful weekend, whether you celebrate Easter or Passover.  And for the rest of you – Happy Spring!  It’s a wonderful season that brings so much inspiration and new energy.

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Fiore Hosiery at Dolce Amore Lingerie

Dolce Amore Lingerie is a beautiful boutique in Vancouver that carries a selection of Fiore hosiery and other hosiery brands from Europe.  It’s a perfect place to look for stockings.

Dolce Amore Lingerie

Photos by Sidewalk Runway

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Maternity hosiery splices relief and grace

maternity pantyhose by Fiore - import and distribution in Canada by Guepard TradingThose women, who have already undergone titillating moments of bearing their dearest angels, and newly expecting moms are conscious about certain challenges the woman’s body have to meet starting from the second trimester. That is the precise period, when the fetus actively enters the phase of growing and gaining the weight, resultant of relevant baby belly increase and subsequent accruing pressure on the back, pelvis and legs.

To alleviate the pain and – first and foremost – to ensure the developing baby feels comfortable inside the mom and is safe, midwives and obstetrician wholeheartedly advise wearing diverse abdominal supports. Those elastic bands allow of easier motions, therefore confer an extra while for pregnant ladies to stay vigorous and capable.

Maternity pantyhose can by no means supersede pregnancy belt, yet they are perfect ancillary in a case if the least amount of abdominal uphold demanded. Akin to gentle pregnancy girdles, stretching panties of maternity tights expand with the course of pregnancy, provide a wide waistband to keep the edge from rolling down or cutting into abdomen, and enforced under-bump section is inserted for evident supporting purpose. Furthermore, on the plus side are conveniences of pliable nylon and spandex touch, warming qualities and undeniably aesthetic look of skin tight stockings.


Maternity hosiery by Fiore is imported and distributed by Guepard Trading in Canada.  Please inquire for wholesale rates directly. 

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Fiore Spring Collection for 2013

A whole assembly of geometric, floral, and multi-colour hosiery is presented by Fiore this spring.  Here are some styles for your attention.

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Japanese legwear high fashions

At the time present, Japanese biannual fashion week shows are regarded no less influential, than other four famous events of the same kind (namely, New York, London, Paris and Milan), and as for ready-to-wear part of collections, Tokyo has purportedly outrun the latter two. That’s why, as the chance arose we were eager to pay virtual visit to Japanese catwalk web-site and examine photographs from the Spring/Summer 2013 venue.


blue pantyhose in Japan fashion weekWhat have we found? In a nutshell, these three images are iconic for the aforementioned fashion show, because they quite thoroughly denote Japanese trends in hosiery with the main accents put on colour, texture and weigh of leg wear in the whole attire.

hosiery in Japan fashion week Whether it is yellow glossy pantyhose or sheer electric blue and black double-coloured tights or tangerine and brown knee length bare-toed stockings, they all are important and guiding detail, not just indiscernible accessory worn for the sake of plain covering the legs.


It’s amazing how meticulously the hosiery was collected to conform the resultant style of the entire models’ outfit, isn’t it?

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Fiore for WWF



Fiore brand contributes to WWF to preserve animals that are near extinction.  They donate the profits from selling these bracelets to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

From elephants to polar bears, WWF fights to secure a future for animals on the planet we all share. WWF continues to keep habitats and landscapes thriving. They envision, create, test and deliver solutions for a crowded planet. They work with partners at all levels, from community leaders to governments and multinational bodies.

Learn more about endagered species:  http://worldwildlife.org/species


La Marque Fiore contribue à WWF pour préserver les animaux qui sont proches de l’extinction. Ils donnent les profits de la vente de ces bracelets au Fonds mondial pour la nature.

Des éléphants à l’ours polaire, le WWF se bat pour assurer un avenir pour les animaux sur la planète que nous partageons tous. Le WWF continue à maintenir les habitats et les paysages en plein essor. Ils envisagent, créer, tester et proposer des solutions pour une planète surpeuplée. Ils travaillent avec des partenaires à tous les niveaux, de dirigeants communautaires pour les gouvernements et les organismes multinationaux.

Apprenez plus sur les espèces mises en danger:  http://worldwildlife.org/species


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Run Resistant Pantyhose by Fiore

Forte is one of those few styles on the market that resists runs!  Incredible, a small hole does not turn into a run and can be stitched up later.  This increases the durability of your hosiery and you get more wears out of it.

In stores Forte costs around $17, which is a great value for the durability of the hosiery.  Please inquire for wholesale prices in your region.  We offer distribution all over Canada and United States.

Example of a hole with no runs – Forte by Fiore pantyhose.


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The Meaning of Valentine’s Day

This day was thought to be celebrated only by the Catholics at first, but it is gaining its popularity around the world year by year.  Usually this is the day when women surprise their loved one by wearing beautiful lingerie and stockings, usually red in colour.  This can explain the trend in stores to stock up on all different kinds of red hosiery!

Valentine’s Day has its origins in Victorian England and the story is not as cheerful as we know the holiday today.  St. Valentine is a Saint because according to the legends he had to make various types of sacrifices in the name of love.

To this very day, as the old song says it, “love don’t come easy”.  But let’s take one day in a year and reap the rewards of being in love.

by Liz, Canada

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Happy New Year from Fiore Hosiery in Canada

May 2013 be full of romantic moments and sensual encounters!

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Is it too hot to wear pantyhose in the summer?

collants, tights, hosiery

It is a commonplace to insist on avoiding to wear pantyhose in the summer for the reason that you will be sweating and overheated. Have you already envisioned the embarrassing and unpleasant sight of yours in a wet tights, sun beaten? Now please wipe out this confusing image from your mind and also get rid of that peculiar rumours, because it has nothing to do with the truth.


Albeit, as you are informed, pantyhose doesn’t play the same mandatory role in a modern formal wear, as it did in the past, leg wear does never fall out of vogue. Apart from being worn for stylish reasons, tights can conceal slight blemishes and facilitate with varicose veins relief transferring the necessary stress on the affected ankles and calves.

Example of 8 den summer pantyhose by Fiore.

Of course, nobody is able to coerce you to donning thick ribbed wool tights in a hot summery afternoon. Moreover, with the modern technology, there is a broad assortment of cobweb thin and nude-toned, almost translucent hosiery, that you couldn’t even feel on your legs. The knitting pattern of hoses let the air through both ways, so nothing will impede breathing of the skin, therefore moisture is freely allowed to emanate, and you will feel confident and comfy in those tights no matter how hot is it outside.

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Spring Hosiery Collection 2013 – Wholesale Catalog Coming Soon

Dear customers,

We had a lot of inquiries about when the spring collection is coming out.  Fiore head office in Poland is working on putting together a new catalog.

If you would like to be informed as soon as it comes out, please feel free to either leave a comment here or send a message to liz@guepardtrading.com

Basic styles of stockings/leggings/pantyhose from the classic, medical, maternity, and shapewear collection are always available to order.

Thank you!


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Holiday Gifts for Her

Current post is aimed at men, so ladies can skip reading it if they don’t intend to spoil titillating expectation of Holiday present from their sweethearts. Now, gentlemen, hearken to our modest piece of advice, and, hopefully, it will save considerable portion of your time being spent on the Holiday rush of preparations.


You are pretty well aware how tricky might be picking up the smashing gift for your special one, particularly where it’s meant to convey some romantic hint to your dear lady. Lingerie – what is the first idea that comes to mind correspondingly to the case – requires your woman’s size/parameters/taste to be known, and ideally to have the underwear tried on, but what would it be the surprise, if it’s disclosed beforehand?


If you still endeavour to keep a tinge of intimacy on you Holiday Gift, such leg wear as a pair of stockings/thigh highs is the best decision. At first, the leg wear appears more discreet present – hosiery and etiquette are almost synonyms! – and yet insinuating your attitude, and for the second, stockings are much more easier selection, depending on their length solely. Happy hunting and Happy Holidays!

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What is a denier, or 1 DEN?

Widespread shortening DEN, which can be noticed on every hosiery package cover, doesn’t mean “density” of the piece in hand, as one could easily assume.


However, you are not a far cry from the truth, supposing such a  connection, because the term does relates to mass and volume calculation of the used in knitting the hosiery yarn, though.


One DEN stands for one denier (pronounced ‘den-yer), a measure equal to one gram of 9.000 meter fibre thread and derives from the name of ancient French silver coin of small value. In 12th century France, traditionally, one denier (pronounced deh-‘neer) was used to weigh silky yarn and it came out that exactly 9000 meters of this fine thread tipped the scales with the coin on the other side up.


The thicker is the filament, the more DEN counting it has, the more opaque and solid will be the resultant pantyhose, sewn from that yarn.

Denier is the mass in grams of 9 Kilometers or 9000 meters of the Yarn/Material.


By Inna, Ukraine

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