Is it too hot to wear pantyhose in the summer?

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It is a commonplace to insist on avoiding to wear pantyhose in the summer for the reason that you will be sweating and overheated. Have you already envisioned the embarrassing and unpleasant sight of yours in a wet tights, sun beaten? Now please wipe out this confusing image from your mind and also get rid of that peculiar rumours, because it has nothing to do with the truth.


Albeit, as you are informed, pantyhose doesn’t play the same mandatory role in a modern formal wear, as it did in the past, leg wear does never fall out of vogue. Apart from being worn for stylish reasons, tights can conceal slight blemishes and facilitate with varicose veins relief transferring the necessary stress on the affected ankles and calves.

Example of 8 den summer pantyhose by Fiore.

Of course, nobody is able to coerce you to donning thick ribbed wool tights in a hot summery afternoon. Moreover, with the modern technology, there is a broad assortment of cobweb thin and nude-toned, almost translucent hosiery, that you couldn’t even feel on your legs. The knitting pattern of hoses let the air through both ways, so nothing will impede breathing of the skin, therefore moisture is freely allowed to emanate, and you will feel confident and comfy in those tights no matter how hot is it outside.

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