Maternity hosiery splices relief and grace

maternity pantyhose by Fiore - import and distribution in Canada by Guepard TradingThose women, who have already undergone titillating moments of bearing their dearest angels, and newly expecting moms are conscious about certain challenges the woman’s body have to meet starting from the second trimester. That is the precise period, when the fetus actively enters the phase of growing and gaining the weight, resultant of relevant baby belly increase and subsequent accruing pressure on the back, pelvis and legs.

To alleviate the pain and – first and foremost – to ensure the developing baby feels comfortable inside the mom and is safe, midwives and obstetrician wholeheartedly advise wearing diverse abdominal supports. Those elastic bands allow of easier motions, therefore confer an extra while for pregnant ladies to stay vigorous and capable.

Maternity pantyhose can by no means supersede pregnancy belt, yet they are perfect ancillary in a case if the least amount of abdominal uphold demanded. Akin to gentle pregnancy girdles, stretching panties of maternity tights expand with the course of pregnancy, provide a wide waistband to keep the edge from rolling down or cutting into abdomen, and enforced under-bump section is inserted for evident supporting purpose. Furthermore, on the plus side are conveniences of pliable nylon and spandex touch, warming qualities and undeniably aesthetic look of skin tight stockings.


Maternity hosiery by Fiore is imported and distributed by Guepard Trading in Canada.  Please inquire for wholesale rates directly. 

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